Universal BTTF Opening Scrawl


George Lucas knows, his dog in the passenger seat?

“Think of it,” we stood high above the valley, “a troglidyte and his Anglaphile friend.”

I declined.

“Precisely! Maybe, in history, they were not,” he continued, “but man’s best friend. The cave-dwellers. Who knows? Canines!”

“Oh my Gah. Dogs at the Wookiees[1.].”

“Dogs know, as well!”


“They don’t mind!”

Cheese. Feed your dog. Not so much.

1. Referring to the Lucasfilm trademarked man-ape not the slur, you cavemen, as one will be slayed, then fed to working dogs if ever caught by me, or an Officer or NCO above you, making reference to Women Marines verbally or in digital comic form with that slur as said WM and I figure it out ala’ first Star Wars novel.