By Black, Robert L. USMC

i VEHICLE (on) land From the passengers side, nothing but grit seen, grit in the First. It could be seen, past a shifter by way of a lapseated Zeuss crying out, alarmed, Detective McClane’s name while twin-state liquid ordinance mixed as MARS’l’oC’ed spear thrust into Venus, withdrawn hoverboard amid voice in the rear bellowed, “call!” […]

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AA wins the pot with AAAKK

“Winning the WSOP with what will always be known as the Kim-Cassidy-Grand Wizard- Lincoln Clay riverboat cruise!” On the other Sony UHD 65, was a fictional character, one-lining amid poker cheers early morning, this Thor’s day. “Big Easy!” “Why would he do that! Lincoln?” “Its CIA! Don’t fuck with it,” said Lil Wayne. “From now […]

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