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You are back in the Marines, and time, now! Pt 1

Pint glasses. I couldn’t stop it. And was drunk! But we lived there. Who would care? “They take pint glasses. It’s their thing.” “Isn’t,” breathing through skin, “that like illegal?” “Damn right it is! But I’m just glad they are here. I might not see them. Ever.” “Ribbit. Oi.” “Listen, for intents and purposes out […]

As a Rhinestone Cowboy, hey! We’re walking, here!

“We made it,” said Marcus, “just barely.” “Made what,” I protested, irritably, “where? This is the middle goddamn nowhere!” Interval. “Are we lost!” “Beyond the reach of any man or God.” “Oh …Kay.” “Two cards,” Larjo said, pulling more gear than could fit from a dusty ALICE pack, “five on the table.” “I know how […]

Green n’ White

Goodnight! The next morning around oh, say 0417 or S-O. Jiminy-gosh! “What is it expendable tadpole? Of INTERPOL’s elite antipedophile chomo treatment team. I nodded, sleep walking. Interpole. “It’s an Eastern Diamond back,” hollered expendable person, not an LPO for sure but maybe an Master Sergeant, “coming down the Miramesa Apartment home [1.] chimney!” 1. […]

The Priest Clearly had a weapon, the Marachi’s song hauntingly suggested

When I walked back from the city I was pissed all 52 miles. “Live-well! Live-well,” I chattered, arriving, “live-well! I took a train.” There I met a man. Younger than me, but not by much, and dressed modestly. He carried a single book. He asked if I had read it. I chewed my sandwich. Wide […]

What! McNab. He was before my time

“He says he’s not. You do know him?” Anaconda eater. “Everyone does,” said the elephant, “he wants a row.” “I read Bravo Two Zero. No-one leapfrogs watercans. Right?” “No. Well! Real life R6 would have training casualties, Titis.” Chris, an African elephant said nothing. “You named me, weird. Eyeballs.” I didn’t fall for it. Finally. […]

Silicon based lifeforms who are not equal to non-human persons 2

That guy? Spacelaunch. There is a substituteWHO ARE THE MYTHBUSTERS Podracing champion stepfatherinlawalmost michael billeci [1.] REDHEADED MAXIM SCIENTISTS And Dr. Jonny Kim’s trusted armorer, Grant Imahara (sic) The first “family,” cold blooded enough to settle Martinez, California.

Yes, I know “the internet” that’s why they’d never believe one man could do “it”

Or that many still need to hear positive things, and ears that EYEBALLS Click sir? “Cha-ching,” I hope she says, licking her lips, “presumptuous isn’t he.” Not to be too River Phoenix, but it’s attractive of me to truthfully say naval combat belongs to the navy and his “Death Ships,” belong in a museum. Navy. […]

For Tom Hanks and then? May I please return to beau worship oh, yeah Los Angeles goes down the house cvn

76 years young, we have a letter!Tom. Tom! What goes in the middle. Tom. Oh, shit. Never anything? Wow, no I don’t have one and don’t are to get a headshot. We call them unintentional cranials. And they are rare. Very rare. They better be. Center mass.

No woman wants a pussy muse, a “man” who only tells her* how great they are what they really want, what they really really want is

Stevie. In a band. Jo Rowling wants him like CWO-5 on Reacher. His muse is s take no shit, cigar-smoking rough neck Gay Read The Dark Tower, all 8 availble at fine boomsellers every where, you homophobe! Even transgender people know I would work for congresswoman kristen beck “Bring you coffee?” Copper encased projectile “Ow! […]

Please, pleads the Command Sergeant Major! 2

“You my two new felle’as’?” “Yes, sir.” “Yes, sir!” “Well,” said Andrew Jackson, “party on the White House lawn.” “I am so hard.” “I am going to beat the biggest, blackest guy I can find.” Tyler ran off, Jayson savored the moment. Both in suit and tails, one discreetly out. “Oh, Lord no,” a voice […]

Please, pleads the Command Sergeant Major!

“Please,” said the Command Sergeant Major of the Army, “let me give them novelty Army crosses. And then? Make them carry them. The Command Sergeant Major from when Grey and Floyd were serving with Delta force was also there. “I could go either way, sir.” There was a long, thoughtful silence. “No. Those two deserve […]

Is she in space? Let’s have someone check if Miscaviage (sic?) -2 is in space

Dearest the widow Taya Kyle, I was in the rich part of the east bay, rigging web crawler in my favor, while enjoying the spectacle of wealth that is Walnut Creek. I thought I’d seen a face from a sixty minutes documentary. David Miscaviage (sic?). Nice guy! Kinda short. I’m no Scientologist, but I did […]

Arise, fair sun, and slay the moon, which is pale and green with envy

Papa Lima echo alpha Sierra (sic) echo, Know I have (virtually) eyes only for you -R.L.B. Post-script: You should know I have no children, but need to field a baseball team. I shan’t google your personal life, it’d be improper, so why don’t you just stay in bed while I call Scoutmaster Dunn

Disclaimer: Marine only speaks three words of English

“Are you Tyler Grey!” “No,” he said, “I’m not.” I sat down. Then, I got up and ran toward him, after petting a kitty. “You are Tyler Grey. Are you Tyler Grey?” “No.” “What’s your name?” “Maleen,” he said, definitely wedding party material, presumptions, “I’m Maleen.” “Black!” So beefy. “Black?” Where’s Dylan.

On the sprint sms, I was following up. On Facebook messenger the signs were all there

“Here,” said Ryan Mallory, “read this.” “Do I give you a handy now? Like Forrest Gump.” “What?” “The Hunger Games.” “Yes.” “If I do, will I go down on you?” “Read it.” I did. “Come here.” “Get off me!” “I promised myself I you’d!”

Good Evening, to the widow Taya Renea Kyle …and. And pineapple

“Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.” “Don’t mention Peggy Whitsun.”

Good morning, Goodnight! Moneypenny shot me. Not at me! Yes, I suppose.

In Italian-American culture, the feline is highly placed itself in barns, or bell towers by itself in much the same way Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta speaks Deutsch in her music, no-one knows why or would dare sully the bold beautiful art that is those whom cohabitate with them, in fact, the lousy earth scientist who […]


MARSOC: “You’re an odd bunch of sky soldiers, 173rd, but you Force a good Recon.” 2nd Battalion: “Fuck your photograph and or painting! We took your painting concerns, shipmates!” 1st Force Recon Bn “Swift. Silent. Deadly.” MARSOC and 2nd Battalion: “Oh, my God. God, no! We fucked up.” 1 Mar Div: “Yes. You did!” MARSOC […]

Pressed suits, Special Logistics Development Delivery Grouppen

INT. USMC HEADQUARTERS QUANTICO – DAY LT. JG FITZSIMMONS Well, Sergeant. The paperwork is ready to be filed I just need a signature. CW SCUBA WHOLE-HOG Yes, sir. And it will allow me to chop to Force Recon? After DEFT/d? LT. JG FITZSIMMONS After the selection process. Now, it’s a four year reenlistment, and the […]

Three. Lucky. Three, like C Note. I see you. Eye! And Alpha. Number 1

Apple and I have a complicated relationship. They’re AAPL and I’m a pauper, but when I inadvertently downloaded Studies in Intelligence through their network, not taking the time to wonder about redaction or if it’s a crime to do so or distribute over an unsecured network, my thought process stumbled and fell as such. Not […]

Vote, and place your money where you speak from

I’m a registered Republican, but smart enough to know party politics can belay an already lengthy progress. Seth Moulton worked very hard at Harvard to put together a business which essentially told the uninformed (as I was prior to the Corps) that nutrition isn’t that difficult, and that maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t equate a […]

John George: The President’s Own

“If I should fall,” said General George Washington, “keep drumming.” The Drummer said nothing. Fire in his eyes. “If you should fall? I’ll keep fighting.” “I’m not going to fall. You are mounted!” “Yes,” said Washington, “but you’re about to see some shit. Blood rolls downhill.” “Does it not flow?” “It flows in men,” clucking […]

When was the last time Marcus did something nice for his mother? Like say a thoroughbred horse or vacation home

“We made it,” said Marcus, “just barely.” “Made what,” I protested, irritably, “where? This is the middle goddamn nowhere!” Interval. “Are we lost!” “Beyond the reach of any man or God.” “Oh …Kay.” “Two cards,” Larjo said, pulling more gear than could fit from a dusty ALICE pack, “five on the table.” “I know how […]

Infidel, Hat

“You’re making yourself a soft target for terrorists.” My cool friend was shopping with me, hot wife at home. “Proud Infidel. They don’t encounter those, in their community. They’re not around, the Quran is more linear than the Bible. Plus, you can’t be an infidel if you don’t believe in their faith.” “Huh.” “They’d be […]

Where is the joke, Amy Schumer?

I’m often haunted by the memories. No, that’s an oversimplification: a preface to sell scrapbooking products. The word scrapbooking implies cheap: making a book from nothing! But actually you’re bored and making the furthest thing from a book whilst uncomfortably selling expensive accessorizes and frames to people. No, I’m haunted by the personalities, legacies, corporeal […]

Would I start a war for Taya? Yes. If the other dumb son-of-bitch would die for it

The beer can rained down from the Hyatt. Was I welcome? I’d never know; called to business ••• The matter is not whether Jason Bateman is perfect for the role nor that Judy Hopps is the perfect inspiration for Ryan Reynold’s daughter (put him away, enjoy dinner with Billie Fisher and ask about what’s cool. […]

Wait One, Today Learn Time Enough for Military

Timing for those unwilling to seek non piratable measures of not hearing AM/FM Older methods of attaining your mother’s attention included “Holden says phonie. Wall mounted telephone means you are one ear in our grave and I understand Twitter is the Platform for his administration right this moment some child is deleting tweets from telecom […]

Today, in four installments, for Taya

Alexander Hollings will clarify shadow Spears null presence over his honor at the hand to ignore my intense fascination with polite, gentle non-invasive Texas introduction.* “Producing something that once Richard Nixon reduced to Patricia Nixon’s concessions to his interest in her, not The Dark Tower, but an FBI Agent who was producing momentum in his […]

What do those three letters mean? Spoonfeed me the context so I can scoff at a format if can’t overshadow the initial event, idea or accomplishment/intent or:

Photographs, children, are not to only be accompanied with a handful of words with a cumbersome resolution to appeal to elders who perhaps we’ve respected too much and saluted when there was nothing but a blank canvas superimosed over a kiss not called for on VE Day but my! Sexy out of context Of victory. […]

Unfavorable Historical Comparisons Not Applicable.

You are the world’s largest youth fighting force. Not Hitler Youth, the Boy Scouts of America. Proud! Not of Hitler’s extinguishment, which was done by heroes with Hero’s values we try to instill, but their Pacific Brothers’s said “not an inch.” “Did they?” “You’re kind wasn’t to hear it. Scoutmaster?”

In the hopes of reigniting serious conversation on the price of freedom and the value of bravery

The Community deserves every single kudos, the Operators have one question, National geospatial requests maintenance from NASA on unrelated. “Congratulations on your outstanding work in locating Usama Bin Ladin. You and the current organization should be recognized by a special presidential and/or congressional award, like the Medal of Honor for conspicuous outstanding service, organizational achievement, […]

Do you have a little Captain in you, Broadcasters, Advertisers, and Hollywoodland?

USS FALLUJAH PRESENT DAY “In the morning, we watched the trail. Alternating with another group of four. Later, back near the Laotian border, we get word. Zippo raid.” “Burn it, now!” said a voice moving laterally long the line, “burn it all, to the ground.” Note that death is worthless in all its forms, even […]


Linkin linkin we’ve been thinkin’ shortened language? Barack ads, loves ‘em on cars, law firms and Karl’s …Lincoln savings. Loanher! “What’s up, gangster real; yo?” “It’s a tribe thang.” EXPLICIT? “They’re not warning labels, I’m driving drunk. For warning label censorship schutzstafl!” -MADD 9999 Lil Wayne was very successful, very young. He hung out with […]

The Reaction Force pins and primer

Colonial Williamsburg, Tracy Pennsylvania, CA The Reation Force “Oh, my gah,” said some entity, female probably, “it’s so peaceful and Actor filled. Actresses, as well!” “That’s fine,” said a Wealthy man, teevee on his wristwatch, “maybe’ll retire here. Together, dear.” “Aww!” Forrest Gump. “What is that.” “Noise?” Red, white, blue, Primer. The communicator watch caught […]

CW CAPT COMMANDO rescued him, but only just

“My maternal grandmother, the matriarch of the family, was LeNore. Yes, that one. No residuals, 401k, or bennies there. I’m Alfred, Alfred Ashford HAVE YOU SEEN ALEXIS!” Crouched and recovering, a gasmask wearing entity observes as a voice booms over a PA. “You’re the fool he pities what’s under the coat raccoon city throw a […]

All gave some, the Marines helped or, possibly, were an absolute nuisance

Don’t give me that VAPCHS bull, “All gave some, some gave all,” is for us! The Veterans, and the ones that gave all? They like sickass humor and think Taya is talented; elegant probably hashtag no-one talks truth from the mouths of the dead “dont rate.” “Youll have to pig.” “Retired!” “They took your barrel […]

Additional Sea Story Stowage; With The Late Chris Kyle, U.S. Navy SEAL

Chris Kyle sits atop vast riches in heaven; upon an enormous throne. Wood nymphs hum sea shanties while at his side, the heroes of the Alamo relax; pleased in good company. Titania, Queen of The Faires feeds him grapes, while an envious and eager clopatra chomps at the bit for her turn. He sips from […]

Gamba! FHM for him but strong enough for her

2005 “You knew,” McAffe asked, out, “knew her? Anti-virus.” We were on a tiny boat with too much s*** to Kuwaiti shores. Again “Nah. No, but look at those freckles. Her brother be crazy.” “What?” Cassandra Hein. “Ben ‘Smith’ Hein. Part of the Heinz 57 fortune.” “Live well live well,” said Hovercraft Sailor, to Ward, […]

The Magic of Buena Vista Pictures and a …trailer!? Preview

JusticeOx has been on suspension, and had a bad f***ing hangover. “The name Gruber mean anything to you?” It rung a cowbell. His partner, the Ethnic Klingon Moose, Worf Peterson had arrived. “Snort!” We’re going to get real bloody on this one, Partner “Snort!” I am a solitary grazer “I say, I say,” said Foghorn […]

For Taya, and honestly

“…the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” and declared that the perception of “man-hating” is something “left out of the octagon.” I fully expect the English classically trained, professional thespian to donate an Admiral’s ransom to CKFG after several RSC tours, or before, my execution for lacksadaisyism. And kick up […]

Beaver: who you gonna call? Whoever directed The Simpsons movie

“We now, in the spirit of Olympic goodwill and peace, present: the Canadian dove! The Beaver.” The Beaver is generally unconcerned with its sudden momentum, and, as it gains elevation, it is genuinely perplexed. Cresting it’s peak, concern is what’s next. The descent is expected; 90 degrees as the ascent making Landfall amid a central […]

Don’t be discouraged, stupidly looking for infotelligent, entertainment borders, boring stupid!

Golan? Based heavily on the guy who made that show; after hearing through the grapevine me. And destruction The suspiciously English now ex-fiancé? Hilary was from Minnesota. They all are!Easiest American accent for their mum. Petname: Bambi Eyes her soul in a Deer. Uncle Gerald? Chickenback. The greatest …in that position I’ve heard. Not that […]

Michael Crichton’s Timeline – Dr. MC

“Are you ready to go back in time?” “Yeah!” “Be a Knight, Maybe joust?” “Yeah!” “Okay. There might be horses!” “Hooray!” “And it’ll probably hurt. Real bad, for sure.” “What?” “I have a hand grenade,” said another. ZAP! “Who was that guy? Up and comer. Wait, that was a fly rod!” “Mrs. Zuckerberg. You’re looking […]

Ready Player One is still a Travesty Part Two of Two

One eight hundred LUCASARTS. Dial tone stuff Txt Skywalker ranch? Also gone. Ace Azzameen? Paternal murder suicide. Spice psychosis. Damn. Same sex lover. Theirs I get it! Marin County? Beaver. Vacation dam. What about the tip line? Pick up the phone! With 3G or without Roam. I’m always home! Tip Line is for recreation, stocks […]

Old Maid MacDonald had a Seth, academics? Not legally MacFarlane

*Mike Henry I look forward to your gala; let not the song titles paint an offensive or nonchalant demeanor among my intent; she’s quite talented. And English. James, Lars, Robert and …Kirk. Yes, well going clear refers to films. Moooooovie. Matthew Marciano? 11th Grade? You don’t eat meat. Except, sometimes, the only times! McDonald’s. I […]

Secret Garden. Within us all, a State. Of open bar

Did you write something? Earlier?” “Me? No.” “Someone wrote something so wanted, the entire post pulled up stakes. Moved somewhere else, expeditiously.” “Ask James.” “I would! But he’s at that private garden club.” “Beautiful. Probably poppin’ bottles.” “Getting naughty private party no invitations Jenkins party.” “Jersey.” “Jealous. Me.” “Why?” “SDV.” “No, it’s not! It’s an […]

Ox. Peterson. 714. 714-B. Literal Livestock. Law Enforcement.

“How’re you going to do it?” JusticeOx asked, referring to his half the plan, “what’re you thinking?” “I have my ways,” said his Ethnic Klingon Moose Partner, Worf Peterson, “I do have my ways.” He did. Always had. “I’m worried. The warrant? The judge-” “That judge is so keen on this and you! That you […]

The Danielson Boys are back in town!

“Why the hell,” said the Father, his normally soothing accent now menacing, “would you jump a four wheeler off a ramp, without a ramp to land on!” “Dad-” “I oughta beat you four boys senseless!” “I didn’t do it, Daddy!” “Aw, sweetie. I know you didn’t.” This eventually broke down into: “Man!” Interval. “Duh!” “Man! […]

Snakes Snakes Snakes V

“JOHN FETTTERMAN!” “What?” “JOHN!” “What!” “IT IS I, THE GHOST OF CARNEGIE!” “Okay.” “I BLESS YOU! WITH THESE SILVER CERTIFICATES.” “Raise.” “Steel, John. Wick lanterns, in your pocket!” “Fold.” “Pocket rockets!” “All in. Thank you” “Okay, look. I, Ryan Bonham will suck your cock to escape the snakes.” “Deal. The cards.” “I’ll sweeten it.” “No, […]

The Toon Platoon

“You’re Aldo the Apache.” “Goddamn right. How’d you know?” “I’d never seen a member of the Tribes. Sergeant.” “Who are you! Who the goddang hell?” “Mates, Aldo?” (laughter) “Who are you?” Aldo said, “really?” “I’m your contact.” “You’re that Sergeant!” Brains bashed with a baseball bat, he recalls nightly, “you… You are him?” The Brits […]

Govern? Govern, what! Leftenant.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY CHRIS CHRISTIE FOR PRESIDENT “Don Jr., California concedes. New Jersey. More beautiful than New York.” “Exactly! Seen Terra Reese?” “Read?” “How.” illiteracy plauged those magnificent bastards except Swafford and they actor who portrayed him while branding. True story: “I, Justin LeHew, am here to tell you a bout Jarhead,” it was […]

Coastal soil covered, and moist

BARRACKS INSPECTION “We’re gonna drop the next bomb for someone that ain’t with us no more.” “Tupac,” said a confident a Marcus Lutrell, “Hell yeah.” “No,” said Tyler Grey, eating a snickers, “not Tupac.” “Biggie,” asked Lutrell, eating POGey bait fastly, “notorious. Bad boy! Records, baby.” “F*** no,” said Jayson Floyd, “someone near and dear […]

We’re done. With W’s and K’s

We’ve replaced this Veteran U.S. Marine’s movie ticket with a genuine Eastern Diamondback egg. His redvines? Another snake. ‘…Jessie, with a call to Frank from a Taxi and it reads: ‘Bobby, you lying weaselweenie. It’s bad enough your shooting blanks. But now you’re leaving the door open, letting all the warm out, like a jerk. […]

Bend it, like Beckham fleeing from an enraged Tom Norris, Blooper begging 4 more H.E.

The US Navy SEALs. Here’s a secret: they’re pretty much rockstars. Moreover: versatile. Need medical attention? Yo. Assault? It’s what they do. Support? Not only are they waiting in the wings, they’re training. With Angels. I’ve had a lot of nicknames and call signs in my day. “Echo four bravo.” “In-Sea-Oh. “Corporal of Marines.” “Ruler. […]

Driving a HMMWV, when not point vehicle? See: ‘The Naked Gun. From The Files of Police Squad!’ Opening Credits

I was in my element. Driving the humvee, contemplating enemy contact. Should I stop the vehicle, closing with the enemy to utilize the cargo [1.]for fire and maneuver? “Check it out! Chili Mac, and I got my favorite! The spicy cheese and my LBV back.” “Whoa how!?” “Ratfucking the box. And some guy!” “What, just […]

Overseas Development Group

Overseas Development Group: We gotta do the right thing. For the group. You know. U.S. Overseas Development Group: Affirmitive. More champgne. Wrong glass. How much for the little girl? Sell your children! Overseas Development Group: No, they’re overseas. Grow liberty cabbage Overseas Development Group: To opress those abusing freedom. Then, billing the Army Overseas Development […]

CW SURLY SAILOR will return in: Ship Duty’s Fine. Until Marines

CRAck! See the red? The Blood? Feeling dizzy? As you feel your hips give way, your head sways back and forth: you sink. To your Knees. Then, the ground you are dead. Here’s the story, everyone! From the view of a dead manThese men? Have had my back Spectre   ‘What happened in Mexico City? […]

St. Mary’s and Swaford report: immaculate, she was Berthing an entire generation of warriors with the man who fathered then

“And I say to the class of the University of Saint Mary’s: somepeople need killin’. I like to brawl.” Polite, and utterly stunned silence. “It’s a hoot.” Itinerary had a gremlin. Secret Service had a make on the sabateur. Jason State. “Desecrate. I’d eat that with a side of mash,” he said, prior to reading […]

In the wake of tragedy …Twitter owes Dan Siddons

“Let this not be the defining moment in your lives, may the infrequency of these attracts relative to the past inspire you in math. May the prayers from California to the Florida remind you your geography. And may the radiance of all bless your recovery. #PrayForParkland” That’s a tweet, that was jusssst over the 140 […]

Lithium ion power source, handful of resistors topped with a pane of glass. Touchscreen, sure. Datdat’s gonna cost you

I am sick and tired of iPhone reminding me. Of things I don’t wanna do “Free time. I’m a mulimedia sensation!” Things I should “Work? Check your email” Things I can “Adult content what’re you queer or something” Uuuggghhh “iPhone wants to know. FROWNY FACE! FROWNY FACE” Danger mouse bomb

Welcome To Romeo’s Wild Kingdom!

“Today, we’re going to see if Jonathan can fly! Okay?” “What?” “Okay. Jonathan. Go, fly!” “Hate you,” he said semi-unexpectedly, tossed out the aircraft, “uuuuuuu!” “Aw, man. Okay, Lucas? Fly! “Aaaaauuuggghhh!” “Aw, man! Okay. Fifi, you’re next!” “Yip! Yip! Yip! Yieeee!” “My toy!” Interval. “That was my dog, man.” “Well your a dog handler, Bryan.” […]



Now, sprint to all points of my compass. And bring back the most

Delicious pics “Hm. Ah! I, or the people,” says those who know I possess stuff “look better than this. Gah what a douchebag Others? Entertain me by pointing out my brother and me? “Alphies dad just want a sandwich.” Not me however, imagining oneself with two ladies = less attractive. To at least one. Men. […]

Back in the Cold War, requesting no photos meant something

“There he is.” “That’s his father?” “I’ll be.” “Hah!” “He’s a smartmouth, too.“ Later, South of Market “There he is.” “That’s his insurance adjuster?” “Hah!” “I’ll be.” “He’s a smartmouth too.” Later, in the shower “There he is.” “That’s his deodorant?” “I’ll be.” “Hah!” “He’s a smartmouth too.” “Guys, can you give me 5 minutes?”

CW SURLY SAILOR in: That’s My British Joe Montana

“Hello, Moneypenny. I’d prefer, after the incident aboard the train, that we not work together.” “I wasn’t aboard any train!” “I was, briefly.” “I don’t recall.” “MoneyPenny, you shot me.” “Of course this leaves my social engagements. Open.” “Splendid. Good day.” “I’ll arrive at your home!” “Please, do not.” “Happy hour?” Later “Bond! It’s me! […]

What platform are you gonna get instant gratification mister smartie pants

Ceiling. Hail Eisenhower, loser USAAF WHAT DOES THAT IMPLY how remarkable that those leeching off something their privy to view forgot: critics criticize parasites = non factor until RET PALLY? Ready Player Fun, Chaplain Corps. DEVIL OF RAMADIworst part? Still in Ramadi. Same shitty … Groundhog Day for what is hell A well admisrated place, […]

Delta Force’s Batcave-esque Training Facility and Golden-Crowned Flying Fox Sanctuary 2

“Gentlemen, another Golden Crowned Flying Fox. If I may.” “Yessir.” “Got the tools, got the talent.” “Galindo!!!” The bald Eagle put down his mixed drink and latest issue of Wired. “Whattup Gangster real.” Both sets of Ray Bans. “It’s a tribe thing.” Long pause, Delta Operators were wondering: what was the giant Hummingbird Hovering for? […]

Donnie Wahlberg in: Ah Jeez

“Damn, Marcus. That was a terribly high-impact conflict we just witnessed.” “True word.” “I’d think you’d prefer to settle your conflicts in a single precision movement. Perhaps clandestinely from the water.” “Don’t pigeonhole me.” “A’ight then.” “Not like, that, homie. Hey! Big Bill. He’s a four-star.” “Don’t call him that!” “Looks good on ’em.” “You […]

Gentlemen, before the Admiralty makes their presence known and bridges the Atlantic, the chiefs would like to remind you: there is genocide. In the Philippines, and it may fall to us to take them, like the very first time.

Addiction is a disease, not a sin of the father passed on to son. A disease many of those senior enlisted, and there inevitable replacements suffer from now, and are more vulnerable to after separation.”

Tom Clancy’s Ampersands

“Tom Clancy’s Ampersands and the Spear of Shadows: A POWERFUL PLAY, NETTING MANY OILY, MEN.” “Yeah! Yeah,” said Tom Clancy, “I just write. Classified information?! Right here.” Lawyer’s Guide To Funding Mexican-American Intolerence and Slashing Pope John-Paul’s Tires and Covetously Spanking Spanish Speakers while Evading Tax-paying Latin-American, Taxes “Pretty Great, huh?” “Tom Clancy ate too […]


Dear Alexandra, Mother will be a beautiful, bionic implanted, very well read marionette, with many doctor prescribed painkillers before you get to divvie up my corpse, and plan for the island of misfit ME! Eventually stop calling mom, you’re six years older, for funeral plans. F*** Nicodemus, your horse. Oh, I got the shit beaten […]